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Silverstone Ham Co. is preserving the rich heritage of slow-climatic curing sugar cured country hams the old fashioned way for over 60 years. Silverstone Ham Co is located just north of Boone N.C. in a mountain valley called Zionville, N.C. We cure only the finest hams and select the best ingredients that make up our one of a kind sugar cure.
Each ham has our special sugar cure, applied by hand, to each ham. Every ham is cured, individually, on our homemade wooden racks. Every ham is then wrapped individually in kraft brown paper and then hung, in select nets, to begin the climatic cure process. The hams hang, until fall of the year arrives, to develop the taste that goes back for generations. Here at Silverstone Ham, we take pride in developing the perfect flavor and taste that each of our old fashioned, slow-climatic cured naturally aged Silverstone Ham has.



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